Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP) 2018

February 26th, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The annual Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference (CPDP2018) took place in Brussels on January 24th to 26th, 2019. This is the biggest conference of this kind in the world, including 85 panels and 420 panels. AutoMat organised a panel entitled “Combining business protection and privacy protection practices in big data market places”.

The panel as represented by Trialog, who chaired the panel, as well as IMT-Paris, who presented considerations on business models, and Ann Cavoukian, who invented the concept of privacy-by-design contributed a video. Other panelists were Xuebin Zhou (Huawei), Natalie Bertels (KU Leuven), Thierry Nagellen (Orange Labs), representating standardisation as well as BDVA, the big data PPP, contributing viewpoints technical, legal and implementation aspects. The panel lead to interesting discussions and we received positive feedback.