Successful presence of AutoMat in BigDataEurope Societal Challenge on Transport (SC4) Workshop

September 14th, 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Víctor Corral on behalf Atos, representing AutoMat project in the BDE Workshop

AutoMat project was represented by the consortium partner Atos, in the Panel Debate of the The BigDataEurope (BDE) societal challenge on transport (SC4) hosted its third, and final, workshop on 14th September in Brussels at ERTICO headquarters. The workshop was attended by 40 participants, including representatives of industry, research institutes, as well as the European Commission and different public administrations. During the workshop a series of speeches to discuss about transformation that big data is bringing to the transport industry and presenting some of the current EU funded projects working with transport and big data.

In the first part of the Workshop, the topic discussed was "How is Big Data transforming the transport sector?". Below, it is summarized the speech of Atos about AutoMat project contributing with our insights about the Vehicle Big Data Marketplace to the topic session:

"The objective of AutoMat is to create an open ecosystem for providing manufacturer-independent data to crosssectorial service providers. The AutoMat “Vehicle Big Data Marketplace” will thus provide a single point of data access for different service providers. The vision of the AutoMat project is that accessing data in this way will enable new and innovative business ideas for many stakeholders. The project has already worked on creating standardised and open interfaces that would allow for unconstrained data access and has gathered over 120,000 data packages (continuosly increasing) in the Marketplace, thanks to the broad range of OEMs participating in the project. AutoMat has also addressed issues related to user acceptance by providing incentives to vehicle owners who share their data and by ensuring that the vehicle owner has full control over which data is provided to which service provider."

In the afternoon session, It started with lively debates where participants were able to voice their opinions and discuss and learn from each other based on their different background on how to achieve better take-up of Project Results in the transport and mobility domain. A set of conclusions was colelcted focused on brainstorming good ways to promote projects and their results, it delivered much useful feedback, which will be taken up in the BigDataEurope consortium. The full report titled as "SC4 Wokshop Report" is available in the link below.