Open Ecosystem

Open ecosystem for provisioning vehicle data that is independent of manufacturer and service provider link

Vehicle Data Marketplace

Single point of data access for service providers via the AutoMat Marketplace link

Service Scenarios

Vehicle data compliant with Common Vehicle Information Model data format to enable harmonized, generic and brand-independent datasets link
AutoMat Objectives

The core intention of the AutoMat project is to establish a novel and open ecosystem in the form of a cross-border Vehicle Big Data Marketplace that leverages currently unused information gathered from a large amount of vehicles from various brands. The interface to the marketplace is derived from a brand-independent Common Vehicle Information Model (CVIM) that makes aggregated vehicle data accessible to cross-sectorial service providers. AutoMat intends to reduce the costs for realizing and providing services based on vehicle data, by achieving the following:

  • Creation of an open ecosystem for provisioning of manufacturer and service provider independent vehicle data
  • Single point of data access for service providers via the Marketplace
  • Definition of standardized and open interfaces for unconstrained data access
  • Specification of the Common Vehicle Information Model (CVIM) data format that enables harmonized, generic vehicle data access
  • Provision of a broad spectrum of collected data due to different participating OEMs
  • Definition and prototyping of Vehicle Big Data Marketplace concept as mediator between vehicle data and cross-sectorial service providers
  • Validation of the AutoMat concept by developing cross-sectorial (non-automotive) example services, e.g.: Meteorological Data based Hyper Local Services and Extended Innovative Enterprise Services
  • Development, definition and validation of a market business model and its value chain as well as stimulating the market participation by an open call for services and application

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